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MOV Electric Valve Actuators ... continued

The MOV Valve Actuator is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the U.S. Navy for a high performance electric drive suitable for installation in all applications and environments. The design incorporates the latest technology to provide a reliable compact actuator. The Actuator is constructed to allow for range of maintenance-free bronze construction for general applications to high-tech alloys for applications that require particular attention to the overall weight.

Specifications & Testing

MOV Valve Actuators are designed, built and tested to meet the requirements of DOD-V-24657(SH)

Type I Actuators for multi-turn Valves (Gate, Globe, Non-return, etc.), with torque ranges up to 250 ft/lbs
Type II for Quarter turn Valves, (Butterfly, Ball, Plug, etc.), with torque ranges up to 50,000 in/lbs

Class I -- for general applications
Class II -- for non-magnetic & corrosive environments
Class III -- for lightweight requirements

Service I -- submersible
Service II -- explosion proof
Service III -- submersible & explosion proof

First Article to DOD-V-24657(SH), includes cycle testing for 20,000 cycles at the rated torque and conducted with simulated load
Shock -- MIL-S-901 Grade A, Class 1, hull mounted
Vibration -- MIL-STD-167-1 mounted on the valve
Submersion -- enclosure MIL-STD-108 and tested to 15 meters
Humidity -- MIL-STD-202, tested at 100% humidity at 65°C
Electromagnetic interference -- MIL-STD-461 and tested in accordance with MIL-STD-462
Overload test -- Both open and closed positions with the limit switches and the torque switches bypassed

Actuator Design & Materials

MOV Actuators are available with cast housings in 3 different materials depending on the Class.
  1. Red Brass (ASTM B61) -- furnished for Class I, general applications
  2. Nickel Aluminum Bronze to MIL-B-24480 -- furnished for Class II Corrosive and Non-magnetic environments
  3. Titanium -- furnished as an alternate for Class II and for Class III Lightweight requirements. The use of titanium reduces the overall weight of the actuator by 30 to 35%
All motors are furnished to MIL-M-17059 Service A for frame size 48 and 56 for Type II Quarter Turn Valves, Type I may require a larger motor depending upon the torque requirements. Motor options are as follows:
  1. Sealed Insulation Systems -- Motors are available from qualified suppliers to meet the Sealed Systems specification in MIL-M-17060.
  2. Thermal Sensor Monitor -- When specified, the motors are furnished with 3 Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermal Sensors (Thermistors) embedded in the windings to have an increase in resistance of 15% per degree at the thermal rating of the insulation system. The sensors are matched and calibrated with an over-temperature controller which is a calibrated solid-state device with a Triac output to disconnect the power to the reversing contactor in the event of an over-temperature condition.
Limit Switches
The actuators are furnished with 6 independently adjustable limit switches to indicate the precise position